History of Stryps

Inventor of “Stryps” is Bahram Zamani, who has decades of experience in the fashion business. “My clients kept asking me for advice on how to put the blouses or shirts neatly in their pants or skirts so it is not slipping out of their pants/skirts, “says the managing partner of the fashion company Zamani. That there was no solution to this problem, Zamani did not accept and sat down to develop a product which could salf the problem. Together with cutting technicians, the product received the professional fine-tuning and passed the practical test with flying colors: “The response was overwhelming. A customer who tried Stryps is a patent attorney. She was so enthusiastic that she immediately supported me in patenting my invention, “reports Bahram Zamani. “Stryps is not just for women – demand The men’s area is equally big. Through the color palette, Stryps can the respective day outfit be adapted.

2013 – Patent Application Utility Model Law (Device for Holding a Blouse or Shirt)

2017 – Relaunch:  After almost 4 years of testing and development, “Bodymaker” became “Stryps”