Dressing Tutorial

1. back

Attach Stryps to the shirt or blouse with the slide clips.

2. middle

Lead the long end through the legs to the front.

3. front

Attach STRYPS to the bottom button of the shirt or blouse using the integrated buttonholes.

4. completely

A perfect appearance!

Care instructions: 30 ° celsius in the washing machine.

The Solution:

Stryps is a product with three sliding clips that can be attached to a shirt or a blouse so that it does not slip out of the pants / skirt..

Step 1

REAR: Attach STRYPS to shirt or blouse at the back with all three slide clips.
Simply place the fabric on the frame of the clip and pinch it with the slide button.

Step 2

CENTER: Pull the long end between your legs to the front.

Step 3

FRONT: Buttoning the Body Maker to the lower button by using the integrated buttonholes at the end.
By choosing one of the integrated buttonholes, you’re able to vary the optimal fit.